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Diabetes Education

Weight Management

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Exercise Physiology DVA and EPC

EPC and DVA Programs

Entitled Department of Veterans' Affairs clients may be referred for clinically necessary exercise physiology treatment on a valid D904 referral form

The EPC is a government initiative that allows people with chronic injuries or ailments to access professional services to assist with the management of their condition with the benefits of a Medicare Rebate. The EPC was designed to improve the health and quality of life of the older population and those with chronic injuries or ailments.

Exercise Physiologist Group sessions

Health Care Groups

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing complete care to all our patients we provide small group sessions for ongoing treatment after initial one on one sessions for all chronic conditions.  

These groups provide ongoing support and guidance by our Exercise Physiologists to ensure you are exercising and treating your illness or injury with the utmost care.

Conditions that we treat in group sessions but not limited too include Diabetes, Heart Health, Falls prevention, Arthritis, Lung conditions, Back Pain, Dementia

Exercise Physiologist Hydrotherapy


Hydrotherapy group sessions and one on one sessions are available to treat many conditions.  Our Exercise Physiologists are available at many locations around Brisbane providing sessions for many conditions.

Hydrotherapy is ideal for initial rehabilitation of acute injuries, pre and post-surgical rehabilitation, low impact cardiovascular training and when pain levels are a limited due to weight.  Hydrotherapy decreases the impact on your body in warm water.

See our group sessions page for times and locations of sessions.

Falls Prevention

Exercise Physiologist prevention

Good balance exercises involve controlled body movements while standing with the feet close together (or standing on one leg), with as little arm support as possible. The exercises should be safe, but should challenge balance and develop strength.

Group-based strength and balance classes can be moni-tored by professionals and are also a social occasion, but exercises can also be home based. Older and frail people might need individually tailored, home-based programs.

We provide one on one and group sessions for initial and ongoing support to prevent falls.

Exercise Physiologist Diabetes group

Diabetes Education

Everybody benefits from regular exercise but for people with diabetes mellitus (Type 1 or Type 2) exercise can play a vital role in the management of their condition.

Exercise cannot reverse the damage to the cells in the pancreas that leads to the decreased production of insulin. However, exercise can improve the way the muscles respond to insulin, which, in turn, helps regulate the blood glucose level for some hours after the exercise.

Assessment and evaluation of your body is also recom-mended by an accredited exercise physiologist. An AEP can then deliver an expertly prescribed exercise program tailored to your individual requirements and goals. 

Weight Management

Exercise Physiologist Weight loss

Diet and exercise both play a part in helping a person to achieve a healthy weight. A weight loss of 5% to 10% provides significant health benefits, and these benefits are more likely to be sustained through the maintenance of weight loss and/or participation in habitual physical activity.

For adults who are overweight or obese an individualised approach to increasing physical activity is best achieved through exercise supervised by a professional.

Tertiary-trained exercise professionals, such as Accredited Exercise Physiologists are best suited to assist those with obesity, by prescribing and delivering exercise consistent with best practice. 

Exercise Physiologist prevention

Post-Op Rehabilitation

Have you recently had surgery or been diagnosed with a cardiac condition?

We provide Exercise Physiology and Dietetics for both pre op rehabilition and post op rehabilition to get you back on track to a healthy heart.

Cardiac rehabilitation includes monitored and supervised individual programs initially and then group supervised sessions for ongoing health results. This program offers the best way to ensure your heart condition is rehabilitated correctly and safely.

Medicare and Private health funding is available.

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